June 2021

The Dim Locator gigs supporting The Mission at Klub Futurum in Prague have been rescheduled for March 26th and March 27th 2022.

October 2020

Dim Locator's concert in Ebensee has been recorded and was broadcasted as streaming  on 21st October on Austrian radio station Freies Radio Salzkammergut. Fantastic live sound and mix! It will be repeated on Friday, 23th October at 02:05 PM (14:05).

September 2020

In case you're wondering, here is an update to let you know what's going on with gigs lately. Needless to say, it's all a bit chaotic because of the Covid situation.

Whether you believe it's bullshit or not, the fact is that since last Wednesday several countries have designated Czech Republic as a "Covid Hot Zone". Phil had driven to Berlin on Monday 7/9 to practice with Dim Locator for concerts at Fluc in Vienna and the UniMoon Festival in Prague. Luckily, he was already in Berlin when the German Foreign Ministry put Prague in the "red zone". Therefore, he avoided having to go into quarantine for several days. The problem the band faced was that if they played the UniMoon Festival in Prague, the Berlin members (Chris Hughes, Baron Anastis and Daniel Plashues, plus special guest Kristof Hahn of Swans) would have had to get PCR tests before returning to Berlin and go into quarantine for several days until they got the results. This they could not afford to do. Therefore, the band decided to drive to Vienna via Leipzig, Regensburg and Passau, avoiding Czech Republic entirely. This meant a drive of 940 Kms for one concert in Vienna, but it was a fantastic concert anyway! Thanks to Peter Nachtnebel at Fluc and the wonderful Viennese audience!

On Friday the Berliners drove back to Berlin via Passau, again avoiding Czech Republic, while Phil re-entered the country via Znojmo and played the UniMoon festival on Saturday night with Band Of Heysek from Brno backing him. Another fantastic concert, and many thanks to Lukáš, Bob and Honza for helping out at the last minute. They are a GREAT band, you should check them out.

As for the Southern Cross gig at Rock Cafe on October 1st - as of now, the concert is going ahead. But it is doubtful if Kristof Hahn and Chris Hughes will make it, due to the aforementioned Covid/quarantine problems at the German-Czech border. We will keep you posted on this. But as of now the concert with Southern Cross at Rock Cafe is going ahead, with or without Chris and Kristof.


April 2020

Here is a short and snappy interview that Phil did with Directors Lounge curator Kenton Turk when they ran into each other at Prague's Dox Gallery a couple of years ago. Dim Locator had played the Directors Lounge in 2013 at a screening of the Rowland S. Howard biopic "Autoluminiscent" and the interview refers back to this. It has just been posted on the Directors Lounge homepage:

April 2020

THE MISSION concerts with special guest DIM LOCATOR (originally dated 4th and 5th of April), are now rescheduled to 27th and 28th March 2021

April 2020

Check out the cover version of Phil's song "Black Rain" on Harry Stafford's fantastic new album "Gothic Urban Blues". Harry's legendary band Inca Babies played at the 2019 Drug Me Fest, along with Dim Locator, Kill The Dandies and many others. His version of "Black Rain" is excellent, and the album is a genuine classic.  

Black Rain by Harry Stafford from Harry Stafford on Vimeo.

A great video by Harry Stafford from his wonderful new album "Gothic Urban Blues": His version of Phil's song "Black Rain", from the 1993 CD "God Is The Other Face Of The Devil". The video was mainly shot in the streets and bars of Manchester, but also features two segments filmed with Phil at last summer's Drug Me Fest in Prague. Really powerful and atmospheric.

February 2020

Dim Locator are special guest for two shows of The Mission in Prague:

New album "Cassandra Lied" by Phil Shoenfelt - out now

Phil Shoenfelt's new solo album Cassandra Lied was recorded in Prague between August 2018 and November 2019. He was joined in this endeavour by several notable musicians, including band-mate and co-producer Chris Hughes (drummer with These Immortal Souls, Mick Harvey, Hugo Race, Alexander Hacke) and lapsteel guitarist Kristof Hahn of Swans. Marcia Schofield, Eva Turnová and Baron Anastis sang backing vocals, and Anastis played some ace bass on “The Man Who Sold The World”.

A radical de
parture from Phil‘s previous work, Cassandra Lied has a lyrical depth which is comparable to the work of rock poets such as Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed and Patti Smith. The music itself is closer to the layered, atmospheric approach of artists like Brian Eno, David Bowie and Tony Visconti than it is to traditional rock dynamics. Other influences on this album are post-punk bands such as Joy Division and Krautrock bands Neu and La Düsseldorf.

Cassandra Lied is released on January 10th on the Sireena label, and will be available at online shops such as Amazon and at regular retail outlets via Broken Silence distribution.